My Daughter Hurt Her Back While Cheering

When I was in high school, I was a cheerleader. Our most complicated routine involved cartwheels and splits. Yes, that was ages ago, and our trainer was not too creative. My daughter is a cheerleader now, and the difference between my routines and hers are pretty intense. Gymnastics, huge pyramids, and fast dance routines are the norm, and I can see why cheerleading is now considered a dangerous sport for women. That is even more true now because my daughter ended up needing to see a chiropractor because of pain she was having from the pyramid collapsing one day at practice.

She was on the third level, and there was still one level above her. Of all things, it was a sneeze that was their undoing. One of the girls had to sneeze, and everyone came tumbling down when she did. Read More

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I Wrecked My Bicycle Last Week

It is not really accurate to say that I wrecked it to be totally honest. I was minding my business when I realized some guy in a rented box truck was almost close enough to touch me. I realized at once that the mirror on that truck was about to hit me in the back of my head and I half way panicked. At any rate I ended up going over the handle bars and the next thing I knew there was an ambulance attendant looking down at me. A chiropractor in San Francisco had to fix what was wrong with me, although the doctors at the hospital offered me a bunch of pills. That really was not going to solve a thing however. Read More

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I Guess I Need a New Bike

In fact I suppose that I am really lucky that this is the only real problem that I came out of this with. I did have to go see some Cumming chiropractors about my back, which did not like hitting the asphalt the way that I did. Of course I really like that motorcycle, it was a classic old Honda that I rescued from a garage. It was in really good shape all things considered as well, at least for a bike that was over forty years old. I was going to have the chrome redone eventually, but it is not so easy to find a good plater who you can trust. Read More

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I Have a New Job Now

My new boss is a really wealthy chiropractor in Beverly Hills and he has all sorts of different jobs for me to do for him, although he is sort of making me nervous some of the time because he wants to keep some of it under the table. The big thing I do is just mowing yards and that sort of landscaping things. The guy has a number of rental homes and he is really quite serious about this aspect of it. He has a big property of his own and that is where I got started, I would just keep it all perfect. There was a gardener and the two of them did not really get on that well, and that is not hard to believe. The guy really does want everything to be exactly the way that he wants it. Read More

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I Am Back to Dancing Again

I love to dance. I have never danced professionally, but I am always the first one on the floor at any party or event. I just love to feel the music, and I love getting everyone else in the mood to join me on the dance floor too. That all changed about five months ago when I was goofing off with my niece. We were doing cartwheels in the yard, and I seriously misjudged my placement. I ended up flat on my back, and I jokingly told her that day that I needed a Sacramento chiropractor before I was even going to attempt to get up.

Of course, I did get up, but I knew that something was wrong. I hurt, which is something that normally does not happen to me. Read More

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My Car Still Has Not Been Replaced

In fact it is not seeming as though there is going to be a resolution, not unless I go and sue them. It seems as though I have no choice, although perhaps the insurance company is just playing hard to get in the hope that I will accept a settlement that is not going to solve my problems. Of course this has cost me a fortune, between the doctors and the chiropractor in San Rafael who I had to see about my back. It is lucky for me that my sister has a spare car that she does not mind lending me. Her son went off to college last spring and he decided that the car did not really do too much for him while he was on campus. Read More

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My Pregnancy Was Made Much Easier

I was so excited about my new pregnancy. My husband and I did not tell anyone because we wanted to just enjoy it ourselves for a few weeks. When we did announce it finally to family and friends, I received so much advice from people. Several of my friends who have experienced not only the joys of pregnancy but also the hardships of it suggested that I look into Salinas chiropractors before I got too much further along in my own pregnancy. I asked my doctor about it, and she told me that it is something she was going to suggest herself. Read More

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Father and Son Face off

My father has been in the military before I was even born. He likes it, and will continue to serve until he become wrinkled and gray. Last weekend he came into town and wanted to meet me at a local bar to have a few drinks. When my father and I have a little alcohol, we start to get competitive. There was a woman in the bar that we both found attractive, so he challenged me to a strength contest for the right to ask her out. This contest would result in one of us needing Santa Rosa chiropractors the next day.

First we started with an arm wrestling contest. Even though my father is much older than me, he still have a strong arm. I guess it’s all of that army life that’s kept him in shape for so long. Read More

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My Job Was Causing Me Pain

I felt that my job was going to be my demise for a couple of reasons. The first one is because it is so boring, but it pays the bills. The second one is because all I do is sit all day. I cannot even leave for lunch because someone has to be at the computer nonstop. This amount of inactivity is not healthy at all, which is what started my search into local Santa Maria chiropractors. I was feeling the effects of such a sedentary job, and I knew that I was causing myself a lot of damage that I needed to fix before it became any more problematic.

I made an appointment with a chiropractor after picking one close to me. Read More

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I Am Enjoying My Golden Years

I always hear people talk about the woes of getting older, but I happen to enjoy it for the most part. There are a few things that I don’t care about, but there are a lot of benefits that I absolutely love. My house is paid off, my cars are paid off, and I receive a generous pension. I can still take my two dogs for a walk, and I feel much younger than my 66 years. I credit a lot of that with my chiropractor in Santa Barbara though.

I saw him for the first time nearly eight years ago. I had a work injury that was not healing right, and I was in a lot of pain. I thought that I might actually have to do an early retirement since I would not be able to keep up with my work duties. My boss is the one who suggested that I try chiropractic care, because she knew as well as I did that I would not be good sitting at a desk answering phones all day for light duty work. I went to the chiropractor that she referred me to, and it took just a few weeks before I felt really good again. Read More

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A Slip on Stones Almost Laid Me Up for a Couple of Weeks

My wife and I were out walking the dogs on a trail when it started to rain. We had plenty of traction walking up one hill that had some flat stones that had a very slight greenish tint to them. The rain made that green slick as ice on the way back down. I did not even realize that it was moss that was just beginning to grow. When I stepped on the first stone, I slipped and almost fell. My wife called our chiropractor in Santa Barbara from the trail as I was in a lot of pain. I caught myself, but I really did a job on my back. It started to burn like fire and hurt the whole way back to the car.

I knew it was the first stage of many days of debilitating back pain. Read More

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Say Goodbye to Dangerous Pharmaceuticals

I recommended a friend look into Kamagra Jelly in Australia when he confided in me about a problem he was having. It was obvious there was tension between him and his wife. My wife noticed it first, but she was definitely right that something seemed to be off about their relationship. Of course my wife suggested I ask him about any problems in their relationship. I’m a guy so I don’t do the touchy feely stuff, but my buddy did look miserable so I took him to the local bar and asked some questions. The story came out in a rush.

He’d been having erectile dysfunction problems, and nothing seemed to help. Read More

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