My wife and I were out walking the dogs on a trail when it started to rain. We had plenty of traction walking up one hill that had some flat stones that had a very slight greenish tint to them. The rain made that green slick as ice on the way back down. I did not even realize that it was moss that was just beginning to grow. When I stepped on the first stone, I slipped and almost fell. My wife called our chiropractor in Santa Barbara from the trail as I was in a lot of pain. I caught myself, but I really did a job on my back. It started to burn like fire and hurt the whole way back to the car.

I knew it was the first stage of many days of debilitating back pain. I have had it happen before. My wife figured that getting to the chiropractor quicker this time would help. I did not know if it would or not. The last time I was off work for a week and could hardly get out of bed or up from a couch or chair. My doctor prescribed narcotic painkillers the last time, and they just made me sick at the stomach and sleepy. I was really wanting my back to be put back in proper alignment as soon as possible.

The chiropractor in Santa Barbara that we go to had an appointment open to see me right away. I showed up soaking wet from the rain and in a lot of pain. I explained what happened. They took a look and figured out what the problem most likely was. By the time I walked out, the throbbing had calmed way down. I was still walking gingerly being afraid it would come back. I went home and fell asleep on the couch. I got up without too much trouble. It was sore, but not so sore I could not function.