My father has been in the military before I was even born. He likes it, and will continue to serve until he become wrinkled and gray. Last weekend he came into town and wanted to meet me at a local bar to have a few drinks. When my father and I have a little alcohol, we start to get competitive. There was a woman in the bar that we both found attractive, so he challenged me to a strength contest for the right to ask her out. This contest would result in one of us needing Santa Rosa chiropractors the next day.

First we started with an arm wrestling contest. Even though my father is much older than me, he still have a strong arm. I guess it’s all of that army life that’s kept him in shape for so long. I go to the gym multiple days during the week, but I couldn’t conquer my father’s strength in arm wrestling. My father gloated with that one victory under his belt, but I wasn’t ready to throw in the towel just yet. The next part of the contest came from a dart game. My aim is much better than my father’s, so I was able to easily beat him.

Finally, we settled things with a sit up contest. I almost beat my father, but he faked an injury to gain sympathy from the girl, who was watching us compete. I told my father that I didn’t care about the bet anymore and wanted to make sure he was fine. The girl couldn’t believe that we made a bet over her and wanted nothing to do with either of us. The next day, my back was hurting, so I went to the chiropractor’s office, with my father right beside me to comfort me.