I love to dance. I have never danced professionally, but I am always the first one on the floor at any party or event. I just love to feel the music, and I love getting everyone else in the mood to join me on the dance floor too. That all changed about five months ago when I was goofing off with my niece. We were doing cartwheels in the yard, and I seriously misjudged my placement. I ended up flat on my back, and I jokingly told her that day that I needed a Sacramento chiropractor before I was even going to attempt to get up.

Of course, I did get up, but I knew that something was wrong. I hurt, which is something that normally does not happen to me. I did go to my doctor, but he told me that there was nothing he could do, that time would need to heal me. He did offer me a prescription for pain pills. I filled it, but I was hoping to not have to take any. The pain did get bad enough a few times where I had to though. About a month ago, I was tired of the pain.

I knew I had to do something, so I made true on my original statement about contacting a chiropractor. When I was sitting in the office, I told him my goal was to get back on the dance floor. Ever since my cartwheel went horribly wrong, I could barely even slow dance without it hurting me even more. He gave me a few adjustments over the next week and a half, and I honestly felt like I could do cartwheels again. No worries though, because I doubt I will ever do one of those again. I did get back on the dance floor again though!