In fact I suppose that I am really lucky that this is the only real problem that I came out of this with. I did have to go see some Cumming chiropractors about my back, which did not like hitting the asphalt the way that I did. Of course I really like that motorcycle, it was a classic old Honda that I rescued from a garage. It was in really good shape all things considered as well, at least for a bike that was over forty years old. I was going to have the chrome redone eventually, but it is not so easy to find a good plater who you can trust. At any rate I am wondering if it could be fixed, because I have gotten it back from the site of the wreck and I have figured out that motor still works. The frame is a real mess though and the front fork is bent in a lot of ways that obviously can not be fixed. So the way to replace it would be to find a new motorcycle, well not a new one.

Of course the motor is the important part when you think about and having a motor that works is a lot better than just having the frame and forks. So I have started to look around the internet. In fact you can find what I want, but it is not like the people that have them do not know what they have. These bikes are really quite rare at this point in the history of this world and if you have a part, then you know that some other collector is going to want that and that he is not going to get it very easily. So they are not going to give it up easily.