My new boss is a really wealthy chiropractor in Beverly Hills and he has all sorts of different jobs for me to do for him, although he is sort of making me nervous some of the time because he wants to keep some of it under the table. The big thing I do is just mowing yards and that sort of landscaping things. The guy has a number of rental homes and he is really quite serious about this aspect of it. He has a big property of his own and that is where I got started, I would just keep it all perfect. There was a gardener and the two of them did not really get on that well, and that is not hard to believe. The guy really does want everything to be exactly the way that he wants it. Apparently it has something to do with some sort of Zen thing, they have a fancy name for it.

At any rate I saved up enough to get an old pick up truck and then he gave me a trailer so that I could move around with the things that I needed. That is what makes it worth the bother, since I have all of the stuff that I need to do some other work. I do not have the stuff you need to pay taxes on a business and so I only do the work when they are willing to pay me in cash. Obviously that works out for everyone since you are not paying taxes and you are not charging the customer as much as you would if you were paying taxes. I have enough time to make a little bit of money and I would be better off if I could do that full time instead of keeping the job.