In fact it is not seeming as though there is going to be a resolution, not unless I go and sue them. It seems as though I have no choice, although perhaps the insurance company is just playing hard to get in the hope that I will accept a settlement that is not going to solve my problems. Of course this has cost me a fortune, between the doctors and the chiropractor in San Rafael who I had to see about my back. It is lucky for me that my sister has a spare car that she does not mind lending me. Her son went off to college last spring and he decided that the car did not really do too much for him while he was on campus. Apparently he thought that it was likely to get broken into where he would have had to park it and he was better off getting to class in any other way. That is obvious if you have been to college.

At any rate the truth is that I am going to have to get something done in the near future. This car has 200 thousand miles on it and it does not really lend itself to the dating world. I had to rent a car the other night when I had a date with this girl I met at a party. I am going to make the insurance company pay for that too and I threatened to rent one until they paid up and settled the claim without ripping me off. The problem is that I may have to use a lawyer to get that done and the lawyer has to get paid or he is not going to do what I want. So that means that either they have to pay more or I take less.