I felt that my job was going to be my demise for a couple of reasons. The first one is because it is so boring, but it pays the bills. The second one is because all I do is sit all day. I cannot even leave for lunch because someone has to be at the computer nonstop. This amount of inactivity is not healthy at all, which is what started my search into local Santa Maria chiropractors. I was feeling the effects of such a sedentary job, and I knew that I was causing myself a lot of damage that I needed to fix before it became any more problematic.

I made an appointment with a chiropractor after picking one close to me. I had read several articles how a chiropractor can be a valuable member of a person’s healthcare team regardless of their profession, but especially more so when they have such an inactive job. There are so many things that can go wrong in a person’s body with this kind of inactivity. I could recognize that my posture was being affected, and I also had pain in my shoulders and neck that I had never been there before.

While I cannot up and quit my job, there are things I can do to help fight against the negative physical attributes of it. The chiropractor that I chose was able to help me with some adjustments, and he also gave me a lot of suggestions for things I could do on my own. There are stretching exercises that I do every day now, and I no longer have that pain in my neck area. My posture is slowly getting better, and I am taking more breaks now where I get up and walk around. I still don’t like my job, but at least I am feeling better when doing it now!