I was so excited about my new pregnancy. My husband and I did not tell anyone because we wanted to just enjoy it ourselves for a few weeks. When we did announce it finally to family and friends, I received so much advice from people. Several of my friends who have experienced not only the joys of pregnancy but also the hardships of it suggested that I look into Salinas chiropractors before I got too much further along in my own pregnancy. I asked my doctor about it, and she told me that it is something she was going to suggest herself.

She explained that a woman’s body changes so much during a pregnancy, and there can be some difficulty getting used to those changes. Regular chiropractic care during a pregnancy can help a woman’s body handle the changes much better. I would have thought that it would be dangerous, but she told me that there is no danger at all. The only thing that would happen would be benefits, and it could possibly help me have a much easier time once the labor part of the pregnancy came about. That sounded good to me, because the actual birth process is what scared me the most.

If seeing a chiropractic could mean that I would be in labor for less time and the delivery would possibly be much easier, then I wanted to see a chiropractor as quickly as possible. As it turned out, I had a pretty rough pregnancy, but I was able to get through it because of the chiropractor who saw me two to three times a week. I had so much lower back pain, and he helped me manage the pain. I cannot even imagine how it would have been if I had not had my chiropractor on my team!