What Changes are Coming to America?

The stock market has repeatedly achieved record highs since election day. The Dow Industrial has been flirting with 20,000 and may achieve it any day. While 20,000 has no real significance, it marks a psychological milestone. People are looking at fatter retirement accounts and hoping that it’s a sign of good things to come.


Owners of small businesses are waiting anxiously to see what happens with Obamacare replacement health insurance legislation. While nothing is certain at this time, it’s possible that any changes wouldn’t take effect until 2018 or later. Many entrepreneurs have been limiting their workforce to 49 employees so that they aren’t forced to provide unaffordable insurance.

Will there be a new affordable healthcare plan that will help both individuals and small businesses?

Lost Jobs

Regulations and legislation imposed over the last eight years have hampered many businesses. The EPA’s Clean Power Plan requires cost-prohibitive reductions in carbon dioxide designed to make it too expensive to build new coal power plants. About 400 coal mines have shut down. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 191,000 mining industry jobs have been lost since September 2014.

Will any of those lost jobs come back?

Water Regulations

The Clean Power Plan is just one example of a regulation that various groups would love to see removed. The Clean Water Act was expanded to include “isolated wetlands, ponds and ditches.” What is the smallest body of water covered? No one is sure, but ditches are not normally very big. Farmers are worried that this is impacting their land-use practices and will be costly. Others worry about declining investments and property values.

Which regulations will be removed or rewritten for clarity?


People have stronger opinions on immigration than on most other subjects. In 1986, Reagan signed a significant immigration bill that was expected to solve the problem of illegal immigrants. Obviously the problem wasn’t solved. No administration has managed to deal with immigration issues effectively. Today the immigration issue is made thornier by questions on whether displaced Syrian and other immigrants from the mideast should be admitted to the U.S.

What will happen to illegal immigrants and their children currently in the U.S.? What changes will be made to U.S. immigration policies?

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