When I was in high school, I was a cheerleader. Our most complicated routine involved cartwheels and splits. Yes, that was ages ago, and our trainer was not too creative. My daughter is a cheerleader now, and the difference between my routines and hers are pretty intense. Gymnastics, huge pyramids, and fast dance routines are the norm, and I can see why cheerleading is now considered a dangerous sport for women. That is even more true now because my daughter ended up needing to see a chiropractor because of pain she was having from the pyramid collapsing one day at practice.

She was on the third level, and there was still one level above her. Of all things, it was a sneeze that was their undoing. One of the girls had to sneeze, and everyone came tumbling down when she did. My daughter was able to get up right away, but she did say that she had pain in her lower back area. She came home early from practice, and I alternated between an ice pack and a heating pad for a few hours. She was in a lot more pain when she woke up the next morning, and I was able to get her in to see a chiropractor right away.

The chiropractor took X-rays of her lower back to make sure nothing was seriously wrong. He suspected that she just needed to have a few adjustments because of his initial examination, and the imaging results proved him to be correct. She had three adjustments that week, and she was ready for practice by the weekend. I know that it was just a freak accident and that she is safe for the most part, but we agreed that she would continue to have adjustments done on a semi regular basis for the remainder of the time she would be cheering. She told me recently that she feels she is a better cheerleader for that!